Reviews Policy

I've chosen to highlight books that I've read and enjoyed. If I review a book here, I may be critical of certain aspects, but I liked it. There's enough negative publicity out there, and anyway I have more fun talking about what I like than what I don't. The one exception I may make is for classics or other books whose author(s) is no longer living.

When I tag a book "adult," "teen" or "children's," I'm using my hometown library's designation, if applicable, or averaging out the placement in the western and central Massachusetts library system. My hometown library counts teen as 6-12 grade, so that tag tends to include what's now being called "middle grade" books.

For more of my reviews and bookish chatter, you can check out my complete list on my current 75-book challenge thread over on LibraryThing.

I welcome book suggestions and free book offers. I will respond to requests by my email address (shoshanah45 AT gmail DOT com) rather than through the comments. If a comment appears to be merely spam or self-promotion, I will delete it. Please note that I make no promises to read or review books suggested. Thanks!