Monday, December 14, 2009

First Lord's Fury

by Jim Butcher

This is the sixth in the Codex Alera series, so this review necessarily has ***spoilers*** for the preceding five titles.
See my review of the first book, Furies of Calderon.

Gaius Sextus is dead, killed in a final act of defiance against the vord Queen at the battle for Alera Imperia. The Citizens and refugees of Alera are banding together to make a final stand. Octavian is on his way home with the Canim and Kitai. The final battle for all of Alera is about to begin.

This book is the climax of the entire series, building tension until the last sixty pages are a perfectly placed hold-your-breath conclusion to the series. And Jim Butcher is an absolute master of pace. You almost don't realize in the midst of it that such themes as sacrifice and love and the fact that some things are worth killing -- and dying -- for are finely struck throughout the story. A fitting conclusion to a fabulous series that I recommend to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy.

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